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As a highly motivated individual, I am passionate about taking on new challenges and pushing myself to achieve excellent results. My career began in Brazilian television, where I spent 10 years honing my skills as a journalist, both in front of and behind the camera. Throughout my time in the industry, I was involved in all aspects of content creation, from research and production to presenting news programs and conducting interviews. However, I felt that my career had more to offer, which led me to accept a leadership role at a startup focused on accelerating small architecture and design offices. Over three years, I helped take the company to new heights, working as an event producer and executive to bring together big brands and promote the best professionals through a creativity marathon. In 2021, I decided to broaden my horizons by studying in Canada, where I have had the opportunity to navigate the fields of marketing and project management. With my diverse experience and commitment to excellence, I am confident that

I would be an asset to any employer looking for a motivated and talented team member.


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