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Sao Paulo - Archaday - Speech on personal branding/marketing - 2018

Career Summary

February 2022 to present

Program Director 
Gracie Barra Vancouver 

As Program Director at Gracie Barra Vancouver, I led a highly successful team, resulting in 80 new student enrollments in a single month. My exceptional social skills fostered a harmonious work environment, and as an event planner, I organized engaging events that promoted the brand and connected with the community. Additionally, I grew our social media following by 30% in the last year and built a strong, engaged community of followers on Instagram with compelling content showcasing our brand and members' accomplishments.

October 2021 to February

Marketing Assistant

Caffeinated Media

As a Marketing Assistant at Caffeinated Media, I fulfilled the roles of a web designer, content creator, and Shopify Manager. I designed and maintained the company's website, crafted compelling marketing materials, and oversaw the e-commerce platform. Thanks to my efforts, the company saw an increase in revenue and attracted more customers to its online store.

Sept 2018 to May 2021 

Product Manager

April. 2012 to Sept 2018

Journalist /Report/ TV host

As the Executive Director of Archathon at Archademy, I drove the success of this event marathon by promoting small architecture and design offices across Brazil and securing investments from major corporations. My expertise in product management, content creation, and public relations elevated the Archathon brand and ensured the event's success. As an event planner, I produced high-quality events that created a seamless experience for attendees and participants alike. My contributions have had a lasting impact on the architecture and design community in Brazil.

During my time at TV RECORD, I mastered every aspect of news production, from research and writing to editing and reporting. As the presenter of Art et Decor for five years, I increased viewership by 40% through my innovative approach of commercializing projects to enhance the real estate industry in my state. By recognizing and awarding the best projects from participating professionals, we elevated the program's prestige and made it a must-watch for anyone interested in design.

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