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My Educational Path 

I'm a journalist specializing in interior design and architecture. I started with a technical course in decoration, then pursued journalism and digital marketing. Today, I'm studying business to further develop my strategic mindset. Each specialization has been complementary, allowing me to bring a unique perspective to my work. With my knowledge of content production and company development, I can leverage results in any field based on market research.


2022 - conclusion in 2024

Postgraduate North America Business
Capilano University


Diploma in Digital Marketing 


Degree in Journalism - Social Communication

As a postgraduate student at Capilano University, I'm gaining valuable insights into business and project management. Focusing on project management, I'm learning skills like developing timelines, allocating resources, and leading teams. This program is equipping me with the skills necessary to succeed as a project manager and navigate the complex world of business.

Studying digital marketing in Vancouver expanded my skill set in key areas like SEO, PPC, social media, email and content marketing, blogs, and Google Analytics. This experience equipped me with the tools and strategies needed to create effective content and drive website traffic.

Studying journalism was enriching as it allowed me to explore all aspects of the field. Through internships and coursework, I gained experience in production, filming, research, on-camera reporting, and behind-the-scenes work. I took on various roles, from presenting and anchoring news to crafting compelling stories into polished final products. Whether working in front of the camera or behind the scenes, I enjoyed bringing stories to life and delivering high-quality content.

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