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Art et Decor

For five years, I had the honor of leading the production of the

Art et Décor program alongside a talented team of professionals. Throughout my decade-long career as a journalist, I spent eight years at TV Record in Espirito Santo, Brazil, where I had the opportunity to be a news reporter, ancor and editor. My role as a TV host of Art et Décor not only involved running the show but also carrying a significant commercial responsibility. I was responsible for ensuring the program's success in terms of audience and revenue generation. During my tenure as a host, I successfully led the 10 am Saturday slot, which resulted in a remarkable 60% growth in viewership.

Below are some of the videos that stood out on both TV and YouTube

Screenshot 2023-04-05 190203.png
Screenshot 2023-04-05 192236.png

Inspired Living

A Modern and Creative Home Design
by Cirlene Reco 

Rustic Winter Retreats

Wood Mansion for the Ultimate Getaway
by Max Mello 

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